Innovation in Automation

By leveraging a system engineering approach and seamlessly integrating sensors with the control unit, we capitalize on our automotive heritage, which is rooted in integrating hardware and software elements. This enables us to architect unique solutions in diverse environments.


Fast-to-market integrated solutions for hardware, software, and Automation.

Services we offer

  • Our organisation provides automotive-specific services. We specialise in verification, validation, cyber security, and AUTOSAR. Our skilled staff ensures that automotive systems and components satisfy the highest quality, safety, and performance standards. Additionally, we offer complete embedded system product development. Our skilled staff delivers complete solutions tailored to your individual needs. We serve startups and established companies throughout the product development lifecycle.


With rapid adoption of ADAS systems, Navtech has expertise in the complete development of “V” Cycle.





Data Science

Innovative Automation products in Embedded and Application Development.

Our Products

  • NavTech Electronics is a pioneering inventor in automotive testing for embedded systems, with a focus on ADAS and electrification. Our product, FAST, is an integrated testing platform that enables automation across the toolchain, promoting reuse, collaboration, and no-code methods. Our ASIST family, including STRESS-TESTER, simplifies setup for multichannel ECU electrical and functional testing. Additionally, our products iWMS and inemo offer end-to-end cloud-based warehouse automation using RFID, BLE, and Wi-Fi technology.


A full stack ERP solution enabling long term planning for Business & Operations


"Fully Automated Test System" environment enables integration, automation, collaboration, and traceable test environment for automotive system testing.


A unique cold warehouse management system that gives real-time access and control of inventory in sub-zero environment

Stress Tester

At Nav Tech Electronics, we're stress testing pioneers, innovating beyond traditional methods to shape the future of software performance evaluation. Join us in the pursuit of reliability and efficiency.


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