FAST - Our Test
Framework Product

FAST allows for a consistent and effective automation of the entire test environment for a Embedded System. It supports and connects so many different test tools, that it easily fits in numerous existing test and validation processes.

We have designed the tool in such a way that the test quality is kept exceptionally high at all levels, although the effort it takes to use it is extremely low.



Key Features

This application is an Integrated Environment for test case authoring, test script generation based on test bench configuration and test execution software for the validation of embedded systems in automotive environments.

  • FAST improve effectiveness and efficiency of the test environment of the embedded system.
  • Generates test sequence based on test bench and test case.
  • Overall time to author test cases is reduced by 30% and test automation readiness by 90%
  • Standardization of all test artifacts (Test cases, Test sequence, Test results ).
  • Intuitive graphic user interface, Integrated with ALM tools for agile environment.
  • Capable of remote triggering and monitoring of test cases and CICD practices.
  • How did we make it better?

    Key Interfaces and Stats

    • Due to huge testcases written by different test case authors worldwide without adequate variables, testing an automobile ECU can be complicated. FAST, a one-stop solution for design realization, test case execution, and evaluation. It works with CI/CD pipelines and other development tools. Multiple test tools and settings enable flexibility and compatibility. ALM integration can improve Agile team communication. Standardizing test artefacts ensures quality and reuse. Focused automation features speed up testing and automate repetitive activities. FAST is easy to customize and integrate. It can help automobile companies automate embedded system test automation.


    Where we are involved further:

    Automated testing can help ensure that the system is tested thoroughly and consistently. A test framework like FAST makes it simple to create and run tests, generate test results, and manage test cases and data. The FAST framework is modular and may be used in tandem with your existing CI/CD workflow, development tools, and processes.


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