Stress Tester

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What is Stress Testing?

  • Stress Testing is a critical evaluation process aimed at assessing the Stability, Reliability, and Robustness of an Electronic Control Unit.
  • Its primary objective is to determine the breaking point of the tested device.
  • Stress Testing employs synthetic data closely resembling real-world scenarios to execute comprehensive evaluations.

Why Stress Testing?

    • In an era where consumers demand fast and dependable experiences from their systems, it becomes imperative to gauge a product's stability and robustness under extreme conditions, pushing it beyond its intended limits.
    • Stress Testing entails deliberately subjecting the system to unexpected or extreme loads to uncover potential risks and assess the device's outer functionality limits.
    • This methodology involves multiple, simultaneous attempts to validate security functionalities.


    • Stress Testing offers a wide array of benefits, including:
    • Identification of system bottlenecks.
    • Estimation of load-handling capabilities.
    • Qualitative assessment of the device under test.
    • Measurement of degradation.
    • Resolution of synchronization issues.
    • Functionality checks across numerous iterations.
    • Evaluation of recoverability and error handling.

ASIST: Advanced System Integrated Stress Tester

ASIST is a versatile and indispensable tool for testing and ensuring the reliability and performance of control units across a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

Multi-ECU Testing

A single setup can efficiently handle testing for multiple Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

Parallel Testing

Its multi-channel capability allows simultaneous testing, reducing the need for multiple setups and minimizing execution time in Product, System, and Software testing.

Modular and Scalable

ASIST provides a modular and scalable platform that can easily adapt to various vehicle features and applications.

Variant Testing

Different ECUs with varying variants can be comprehensively tested and compared.

Power Cycle Testing

ASIST can perform millions of power cycle tests on multiple ECUs within a single testing instance.

Common Parameter Monitoring

It continuously monitors common parameters like voltage, current, network status, bootup processes, faults, and other shared feature signals across all ECUs being tested.

ADAS Component Testing

Real-time image analysis and video monitoring capabilities are integrated for testing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) components such as Rear-View Cameras (RVC), Surround-View Systems (SVS), and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS).

Environmental Testing

ASIST can simulate and test ECUs under harsh environmental conditions, including the use of thermal chambers.

Simulation Interfaces

It provides interfaces for simulating electrical pulses and faults.

Common Test Sequences

ASIST supports the execution and validation of common test sequences like crank pulses, thermal and voltage profiles, gang flashing, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) corruption, and various functionality checks.

Detailed Test Reporting

At the conclusion of the test execution, ASIST generates comprehensive test reports covering all iterations.

Simplified Setup

Connecting various input and output interfaces is made easy through a simplified setup process.

Continuous Testing

ASIST offers a Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing (CICT) Toolbox, automating test scheduling and execution based on software releases. This unique capability allows for early defect detection, significantly reducing costs compared to defects found in production.

ASIST Features :

  • Expanded Test Scope
  • Issue Identification
  • Scalability
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Parallel Testing
  • Dynamic Test Case Distribution
  • Integration with ALM Tools
  • Conditioning Devices Under Test (DUTs)
  • Diverse Applications: Deployed in various projects including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Electric Mobility, Safety, and Pneumatic Control
  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Remote Test Execution

Monitoring Parameters:

In the monitoring parameters section, the chosen parameters from the previous configuration window are closely monitored while the test sequence is being executed. This real-time monitoring ensures that the selected parameters are constantly observed and assessed throughout the testing process, providing valuable insights into the system's performance and behavior.


Test Details:

In the Test Details section, you can access comprehensive information about each test iteration. This includes the individual iteration number, the expected values for specific parameters, the actual values observed for individual Devices Under Test (DUTs), and the final verdict or outcome of each iteration. These details offer a thorough and organised overview of the testing process, aiding in precise evaluation and analysis.

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