iNemo ERP Solution

Discover our revolutionary Cloud Application that transforms day-to-day operations, empowering you to achieve unparalleled business productivity and profitability. Sea Food Solutions has collaborated closely with seafood distribution and processing industries to address the specific complexities of weight-based, commodity-priced products. With features like yield management, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing, catch weight, and support for multiple freezer/warehouse and multi-corporation locations, our solution ensures efficiency and accuracy. Experience the convenience of accessing comprehensive reports with just a single click.


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About iNemo ERP Solution

  • Cloud Application that can revolutionize day to day operations and help you achieves an unprecedented level of business productivity and profitability.
  • Sea Food Solutions has worked closely with seafood distribution and processing industries in meeting the unique challenges of weight based, commodity priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing, catch weight, multiple freezer/warehouse and multi-corporation locations are of paramount importance and can view reports at single click.

Features of Inemo

Yield Percentages
Cold Storage Capacity
Preshipment & Post Shipment Process
Inventory management
RackWise Master carton/Lot wise Tracking system
Commercial and Regulatory documents

Inemo ERP Advantages

Burden free paper-based warehouse management was slow and error-free. SeaFood Solutions wireless warehouse management system (WMS) gives us unprecedented flexibility and control of inventory. By going paperless and scanning product information into the system using barcode readers can increase capacity, improved out order fill rate, reduced errors and significantly improved the service aspect of business and a green perspective
Your 'On-demand' SeaFoodSolutions Solution
Ease of Access at Anytime and from Anywhere
Track and Trace Throughout the Manufacturing Process
Customised Reports accuracy and clear visibility of data
A New Way of Doing Business
Barcoding for Accurate Quality Checks and Cost Tracking
High Availability
Materials Requirements Planning Cuts Inventory Costs


Key Features

  1. Pre-shipment and Post-shipment process
  2. Auto generated custom's approved formats; Proforma; Invoicing; ISF; Shipping Bill; Bill of Lading; Payments; Company details across plant wise; Web Reports; Crystal Reports in specified formats (customs specified)
  3. Stringent access level permission in place
  4. SIMP included
  5. Accounting Software(Tally Integration)


  1. Pending Payments, Pending/Open Contracts, Sales, Negotiation & collection Invoices, Payment Received
  2. Container Tracking, customized report as per government local bodies
  3. 7501 Report, MEIS Report, Pending/Utilized Forward contracts, Pending/Utilized PCFC Docum

Raw Material Operations

Key Features

  1. Items Procurement or Weighment till packing
  2. Weighment integration
  3. Android app
  4. Auto generated Profit/Loss analyze reports
  5. Batch wise tracking
  6. Co-Contractor billing system
  7. Farmer billing system
  8. Accounting Software


  1. Full batch report
  2. Summary report(batch details completed IQF and BLOCK processing) – Day, Week, Month, Custom batch time report
  3. Purchase center data report
  4. Batch flow report
  5. Stage wise reports and yield analysis
  6. HOQ, HLQ, Grading, Value addition, Soaking, IQF, Reports
  7. Co-Contractor performance yield reports.

Cold Storage

Key Features

  1. RFID/ Barcode
  2. Accounting Software
  3. Real time Warehouse visibility
  4. Closing and Stock aging
  5. Order planning and management
  6. Master/ Vendor Warehouse Billing System


  1. Production Age wise Report
  2. Closing stock / Unsold stock
  3. Daily stock / Monthly stock Report
  4. Shipment Report
  5. Shifting Report
  6. All orders vs Production vs HON Quantity


Key Features

  1. Designed and Developed Complete End to End Automated Cloud(AWS) based Ware house solution using RFID and BLE and Wi-Fi Technologies which can sustain harsh environments like cold store at -30degC and Forklifts,
  2. Designed and Developed an Battery Powered IOT controller (hardware and software) which will interact with RF antennas and collect the data and send it web server using WiFi, Integrated the solution of Their ERP software.

General Stores

Key Features

  1. Inward, Outward
  2. High Value Items

Packing Stores

Key Features

  1. Shrimp packing related general Inward and Outward entries
  2. Buyer Order vs. Packing material threshold checking reports
  3. Non-core Items inward Direct bills entry/Order base entry
  4. Go down stock valuation
  5. GRN Invoice copies Attach /Download


  1. Location wise stock report
  2. Monthly Department wise Purchase report
  3. Vendor Performance
  4. Vendor price fluctuation report
  5. Buyer invoice vs Packing Material Order tracking Reports
  6. MIR Register
  7. Pending payments
  8. Export Invoice vs. stock issued

RM Bills / Accounts

Key Features

  1. Farmer Bills Entry
  2. Supplier Wise Summary
  3. Count Wise Summary
  4. Bill Payment Entry
  5. Payment Outstanding
  6. Tally Integration


Key Features

  1. Each and Every Asset RFID will Fixed thorough that we can trace the Assets
  2. Asset Reports


Key Features

  1. RFID will be attached to the pouch Bag - We can get the entire Tracking using reader


Where we are involved further:

Scaling the same solution using Vision Cameras and BLE, Vision based Scrimp Counting and Asset Tracking Solution using RFID.


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