System engineering

Navtech Engineers are certified in decomposing clear and precise customer requirements. The requirements are testable, traceable to customer requirements at system level and software level.



System Engineering

  • Navtech Engineers are certified in decomposing clear and precise customer requirements. The requirements are testable, traceable to customer requirements at system level and software level.
  • Navtech has extensive experience with Audit process of requirements and incorporating functional safety level into requirement development.

Navtech can support in gathering and performing the feasibility analysis on the requirements from Customers and process them into System and Software Level Requirements.

Process involves clearly having a requirement strategy. Identifying customer requirements as Functional, Non-Functional and Business requirements.

Having a clear SRD(system Level) and SRS ( Software Level) demarcation and detailed requirements at each level.

Managing signal mapping information and linking Requirements to appropriate signal catalogue and system architecture.

Update contents of the System Architecture Specification based on new features Systems Requirements Document (SRD) and Allocate (link) all the requirements from SRD to System Architecture Specification (SAS) for the target project.

Having a strategy to manage requirements as they evolve in the program. With correct structure and details added as available. Support in GPEP, ASPICE and ISO26262 deliverables in RE scope.

Capabilities on ALM Specific

Solution offered:

  • Usage of PTC from the last 5 years.
  • Had experience in working with both ALM1, ALM2.
  • Also worked with PTC Wind chill for one of the know US companies.
  • Aware of how to configure the PTC with different host and port name considering proxy set up as well.
  • Experience in writing various scripts which involves complex queries that can integrate with PTC and get the required results out of it.
  • Complete awareness on the work flow of any given item in the PTC.
  • Experience in working with different APIs of Integrity plug in.
  • Experience in deriving relationship between different items in the PTC using automated scripts.
  • Experience in doing baselining, branching and labelling etc., with automated scripts.
  • We have been using others ALM like (IBM rational tools, HeliX ALM, JAMA +JIRA, HP QC, Polarion).


Metrics Tools


  • The Metrics tool is utilized in the PTC to provide thorough insights into a project's many elements.
  • The entire end-to-end traceability may be known, from the requirement through the test execution.
  • In the PTC, these metrics can be generated for every project.


  • We've also included Verification and Defects metrics.
  • Navtech’s metrics tool can provide metrics for baselined versions as well.


  • The final report provides the below information in details.
  • Number of Approved Requirements
  • Number of Testable Requirements
  • Number of Fully covered requirements
  • Number of Partially Covered requirements
  • Execution status of each Test Case
  • Number of Evidence Items associated
  • Planning of each requirement etc.

We can support

  • We can extend our support for integrating any given other tool with PTC or any Established ALM System.
  • We can also take up the administrative support role by setting up different work flows and changing the work flows as per the project needs.
  • We can support by writing automated scripts for any given process, mass editing of items and deriving metrics for any project etc.,
  • Develop, design, plan and implements process systems and procedures utilizing standard engineering or technical principles.
  • We can write customized scripts for importing any given item from tools like doors into PTC.
  • Conducts tool training and support all project team members in the use of tools and processes and identify improvement potential.

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